Understanding Design Jargon

Say What LogoDesign jargon can be mind-boggling if you are not familiar with it. Many artists do this intentionally in order to draw power upon them. After all, they are selling themselves along with the design in many cases. So this is not for readers who are already experts. This article is for those who are just getting into the trends here. You may also understand why so many writers use this in their own articles as well. It’s all a part of the mystique in creating new pieces.

Interviews with designers can be very interesting, if you know what they are talking about. So we’re going to be going over some of these discussions for you so that you understand. When someone says a space is clean they don’t simply mean it is well-maintained. They mean that there is not a lot of clutter. If possible much of it is actually open without many extra items that someone could bump into as well.

One of the more esoteric comments is that something is well-edited. What does this mean? For the most part it means that clear thought and planning went into the design. Each of the furniture pieces is clearly at a set interval from the other ones. It seems like effort was put into the roof and the overall layout makes sense. However saying that takes away from some of the power a designer holds.

Why is that? Because by using specialized terms someone can seem very impressive. When it comes to design appearances are more important than in anything else. This holds true for everything related to it as well. Expertise is defined by how people perceive you in many cases. People care much less about whatever degree you hold if it’s in an artistic endeavor.

Look for impressive skills and projects that impress you, not just talk. Here is one example of something to look for from an expert: Pallet design.

Outdoor Bar Stools and other items can be improved with proper guidance. Deciphering good advice from someone just blowing smoke is hard though. Make sure they have a few proper examples that make sense in their overall article as well. Otherwise they probably are just stringing you along and don’t really know what they are talking about anyway. The internet and to some extent, life, also abound with people like this who make a living off of people’s ignorance.

Sometimes intentional vagueness is handy for many of the “experts” in this area. By saying that you should put a “pop” or “dash” they allow you to make your own choices while still controlling the overall flow. After all, no one wants to have everything about their design controlled and this allows them to remain inoffensive while still being seen as an expert as well. Some buzzwords are fine but too many can ruin a setting.

Other terms such as conversation pieces are useful because they mean something different to everyone. At base a conversation piece just needs to be talked about, or a place where a conversation is centered. In either case it allows the reader or listener to use their definition as well.


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