Urban Gardening and Furniture Ideas

Urban GardeningUrban gardening is an incredibly popular trend in recent years. Having a garden in the city not only makes your setting more beautiful but helps create fresh air. After all, without plants we would literally be unable to breathe. It’s a great way to improve the atmosphere of an area in far more ways than one. So we’ll be looking at this particular trend and how it is storming the industry today. For all these reasons this is one of the most interesting and valuable design trends today.

Some new designers are making a living off of their own ideas for this and crowd funding. So we’ll go over our view, which we share with some other writers. Basically their design involves a sustainable stand-up setting which allows you to create a small, elevated bar. This is by far the most popular sort of setup for any urban setting because you can properly control the growth of all your plants in a small area.

Rooftops provide the perfect area to design all of this in. Each one has the proper sunlight and often sees some nice rainfall. You will of course have to water your garden quite regularly but you can count on Mother Nature helping you out here and there. It does however provide some additional challenges for your furniture up there. In many ways your planters are a part of this so make sure each piece of the set matches and is resilient to the weather.

Trimming your plants regularly is extremely important if your garden proves successful. Overgrowth can spread to nearby stonework it can be a huge problem. Harvesting food from some of them is very useful for your future cooking projects as well. Only go with a project like this if you can do it as a hobby and put a lot of effort into the entire setup.

Fire Pit Tables is a fun part of some rooftop settings. People rarely think about it but fire does happen naturally sometimes. It fits with the setting while still giving each setup an incredible look. As we mentioned earlier the fresh vegetables you can make are also quite handy for outdoor grilling. Even if you enjoy quite a bit of meat shish kebab can be a very delicious dish for anyone that you can make outside.

Insects and other outdoor life can cause problems with the setting as well. Or become incredible parts of the showpiece, depending on your planning. So be sure to put out some bird feeders and natural pest control as well. Otherwise you might lose some delicious food.

What some of you are probably wondering is where all of this is going in the future. One word: Hydroponics. This method of growing plants in water is amazing to behold and could revolutionize how we farm. It also has a special appeal once we figure out how to effectively manage it in a personal setting. In many ways an installation like this could be the ultimate outdoor showpiece for anyone in a city.

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