4×4 Furniture Trends

4x4 Table4×4 DIY design is becoming quite popular with ecologically conscious designers. So much so that many sites and putting up their own guides on how to do this. Recycling and reusing your furniture is nothing news but we wanted to heavily discuss this aspect today because it will only become more popular over time. This is of course for those with the skills to handle all of the work you will be putting in. If this appeals to you then be sure to read on.

There are tons of DIY projects all over the internet. It’s all a part of this process of taking old items and turning them into something new. As long as people like to make things themselves there will always be a DIY trend. This has combined with the focus on organic, earth-friendly design to make it a very popular trend that is heating up style sections of websites. We expect it to grow in popularity over the next few years.

Ecologically this is a sound choice because it allows you to fully reuse items. Everything from the simple screws to the wood itself can be reused from other items. You can even take apart some of your older furniture for all of this in a few cases.

Saving money is a big reason that many designers decide to go with all of this. Since you are putting everything together yourself you do not have to worry about paying for anything besides the screws and other small connections. You may already have some which you haven’t used, which would be the ideal situation. In that case you can simply recycle everything about your creation in order to create a completely unique piece. Both dark and light cuts of wood work with this.

Finding pieces which are up to your standards can be a bit difficult. Fortunately there are many different ways to turn a sub-par item into a great one. With proper shaving, sculpting and sanding an absolutely awful item can be turned into an amazing one. Even if it isn’t perfect after the initial work a good finish can give your wood the perfect sheen. You should decide how much work you want to do though because sometimes going with the natural look of the wood is the best choice.

Patio Furniture in this style is very durable as well. Since it comes durable pieces to begin with you can expect it to last for quite some time without any trouble. While this does not always hold true for every cut or item it’s a good general rule that saves you time. Your final piece should be great for years to come unless you are putting some hardcore wear on it.

On the other hand you probably shouldn’t try to put all of this together unless you are ready for a large amount of work. This is either a rough single day project or a weeklong one where you put everything together. However if you have a few spare weekends and the drive to keep everything going we suggest looking into this.





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