Super Sustainable Fallen Tree Furniture

Fallen Trees for FurnitureEveryone wants to have sustainable furniture these days. But building it out of dead trees is not something that most people are interested in. After all, there are some obvious difficulties when it comes to do that. However one Sao Paulo designer is interested in doing just that. He’s gathering fallen trees and is making a new line just from these. It’s an interesting concept and we wonder whether we might see more of this in the future if it catches on.

The project is quite unusual. Only trees that are already dead will be used in this so as to save living ones. No new ones will be a part of it which means he will have to go to great lengths to sculpt these correctly. It’s a tall order but could be quite effective depending on how things work out with the finished product. It should also greatly heighten the value of these when they are finished as well, something every collector can see the value in.

The Sao Paulo area is known for a lot of high quality trees from which to make furniture. It’s no surprise that many other designers have used the materials here at times. Some have even used the same dead wood. However it’s the first time such a large-scale project has used materials which do not have any impact on the environment at all. Projects on the other end are popular but there is room for both.

As for who he might sell these to the list of collectors should be quite long. Not only is the production unique, adding novelty to it, it goes with the current green growth trend. This means that he has tapped into two extremely popular trends in the western world. It would be more surprising if he didn’t have many people interested in buying the finish product. As long as it ends up being of a high quality.

The artist, Hugo Franca, was contracted to create these pieces by the city as well. So no matter what happens with these they should be interested in them. This is also not the first time he has worked on a project like this so people are expecting a lot out of his final designs. It will be a difficult process properly sculpting, sanding and varnishing all of these.

Outdoor Furniture of this type has a natural resilience you would not normally expect from furniture. That is because the tree itself had to stand up to severe weather for some time before it was finally downed. It’s a natural way to insure you have a piece which can last for quite a long time. Even longer if you put some sort of finish on it to insure the overall quality of the item. You’re probably questioning this since the trees fell. They fell in 90kmph winds at times.

Could this practice become commonplace? It all depends on how much demand there is for it in the long term. There is definitely room for a cottage industry here if these sell at a high price.





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