Concrete Design Increases in Popularity

Concrete Outdoor ChairsConcrete furniture has been around ever since the material was first used. It rarely gained any popularity except for artistic pieces among the rich and famous. That being said it never totally left the field of art and we still see entire homes made of this at times. Over the years the construction and molding has advanced to great degrees. Our version of concrete is quite a bit more useful than the ones our grandparents saw. Therefore it is gaining popularity as a design element.

For many the trend of fiber-casting has made this style viable. Fiber-casting allows artists and designers to sculpt the items into practically any shape they could want through a delicate fiber-mold process. We can make entire sculptures out of this without much trouble now. It makes sense that this would also contribute to the massive rise in popularity of the element. It is of course not the only factor that comes into play here though.

One big plus for it is that the material itself is incredibly cheap. This lets designers who normally work with incredibly expensive items save a lot of money. Not something they can usually do but something almost anyone can see the advantage of. It can also be poured into practically any mold, of any size. Even Lego blocks have been used at times by those seeking to push the limits of conventional furniture.

Additional uses for it have come up regularly as well. Game tables, overhead shelters and much more are part of the current setup for this. Just about anything someone could use outdoors can now be made of concrete. Some movie stars have even had entire homes created out of this in order to create a look which really stands out. It’s becoming a part of the hacking trend as well.

Outdoor Furniture of this type needs quite a bit of cushioning. For reasons which should be obvious. On the other hand it’s not terribly hard to get that cushioning today. Even durable, weather-resistant cushions are widely available for you to use. We can really create a room anywhere these days which has become quite obvious over the course of this blog. It’s a nice thought still.

Concrete settings also have some special considerations. They don’t absorb heat well so they are naturally suited for hot climates. A small shelter made out of this will stay cool all year round. On the other hand it isn’t a great choice for a full home unless you have a powerful air conditioning system. It has a tendency to stay very cool even when the weather turns cold itself. This can be a bit problematic in extreme weather. It works just fine for small sections of a home though, like a patio.

At the end of the day though concrete is still concrete. It may give you some serious support but will not always give you the comfort you need without some extra care. For pieces like fire pit tables this matters little, you won’t be sitting down on them anyway. So those areas are by far the best ones to buy pieces in this style in.


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