Mixing Southern Style with Contemporary Finishes

Southern and Modern MixSouthern style has a special charm to it and so does contemporary, even ultra-modern style. However the two can clash quite badly if the wrong pieces are put together. Due to this you have to spend a bit of extra time and care to blend it all. We and many other authors would suggest that this is a good idea though. Because it is the best way to create a really interesting sort of mash-up between these two very popular and unique styles in the modern day.

Southern pieces are expected to have a hard-wood or even wrought-steel section to them. In either case both of these can receive and amazing finish by applying a coat of sheen to them. It’s not very difficult and can be done as a small project over the course of a day. This is the simple way to handle all of this and you can do much more with it. But for those who just want the basics then it’s a good way to mix the two styles.

If you want to do much more you can get a piece formed in the traditional southern style, such as a rocking chair, but buy it in ultra-modern materials. Resin items are a great example of this mix. While not all of them manage to blend the two looks together the few that do are absolutely amazing. They can go a long way towards creating the atmosphere which you have been looking for over the years as well. Modular wood is very useful for this as well.

When mixing outdoor patio furniture in two styles you have to put a lot of thought, and care, into selecting the right items. Most of the time you will find one piece or another that fits in with one style. Rarely will you find one that works great between both. If you can then it is great but you should not drive yourself crazy trying to find such pieces. Also be wary of those who claim they have the perfect combination as many of them are just fooling you into buying more expensive items.

Architecture can play a huge part in creating this combination as well. If you have a genteel southern home then you may want to dedicate an entire room of it towards ultra-modern style. It’s a great way to add some novelty to any home. You should of course continue to preserve the natural look though, especially if your home is 100 years old or older. That adds a certain novelty to it that you cannot pay for with money.

Their style is obviously a big deal with many journalists. Copying them will not simply work though. You have to create an incredible atmosphere for all of this. Perhaps you have your own precious memories of each setting that can help with this. If you have your own personal inspiration then be sure to draw on it when you are building your own designs as well. It’s a great way to make sure everything works out correctly.

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