A Look at the Hilton Curio Collection

Hilton Londonhouse Curio BuildingHilton collectors are known for creating some of the most famous collections in the world. There is much to be learned from this as you might expect. While not something most people would be able to have in their homes it is something you can aspire to create a look similar to. This is what many of the greatest artists and designers did as well. Stretching for luxury and fabulous design are two things that everyone needs to look into.

The latest collection is known as LondonHouse and brings that same style to the Hilton portfolio. It contains incredible pieces which capture the spirt and look of British history. It will celebrate more than furniture but also jazz virtuosos such as Oscar Peterson and Ramsey Luis. Different art styles will come together so that both of them will improve. This happens quite often in art down throughout the centuries. It can be a source of inspiration for you as well.

Architecture and furniture design are always intimately connected and this is no exception. The pieces will be hosted in the new 22-story glass tower owned by Hilton Worldwide. The edifice itself is an absolutely amazing example of modern art that is practically unrivaled anywhere else in the world as well. Take note of this because the building you place your designs in matters quite a bit and can help set the mood no matter where you are. Other items will also be housed in Chicago’s famous London Guarantee Building.

Most of the pieces are in secure locations so you won’t see them being used as outdoor dining tables. You probably could due to the hardy construction of many of these. What makes this interesting is that a hotel will be a part of the establishment. Those who can afford it will be able to enjoy the signature Hilton style while marveling at the amazing setting created there. As always making money is a part of any setup like this. That’s a lesson to keep in mind as well.

All of this is part of the Hilton Curio collection which is a brand name in and of itself. Stacking a brand on top of a brand can create additional notoriety for both. If you have any nearby business owners with intersecting interests you could use this technique as well. It could be a great solution for all of your business growth needs. If you are a professional designer then you should look into it as well. It’s obviously an incredible source of inspiration. Many high-class areas provide this.

So what can we take from all this? Art, money and furniture design are all connected on a variety of levels. Mixing them in your own business can be a difficult but worthwhile endeavor. Even something as simple as being a patron of the arts can be incredibly important. Due to this you should look to mix all of these with local artists and designers. You may even find someone who becomes a huge part of the architectural and furniture design scene.


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