The Brick and Industrial Style

The Brick Outdoor ImageToday we’ll be talking about a very unusual events space, The Brick. Formerly a meat distribution center designers completely remodeled the space and turned it into one of the hippest places to drink and relax in South Bend. Top-quality beers are served alongside party food in an atmosphere that anyone could enjoy. So the lesson here is that you can turn anything into an amazing party spot, even what was previously a chilly meat freezer without any interesting design at all.

As you might expect the building takes a name from the architecture there. The entire setting is shaped like multiple bricks put down next to each other. However from the bricks themselves to a whitish-gray sheen on the outside of one building everything looks ultra-modern and amazing. It’s certainly an entirely different sort of setting than anyone saw when they were driving around the area just a few years ago. Parts of the setting still have that industrial charm though.

It is by far the very definition of contemporary outdoor furniture. Everything from the walls to the chairs is set up in order to take advantage of the most recent trends. It’s all cleaned and maintained perfectly as well to keep it all looking amazing.

As with so many other locations they went with a minimalist style for the party area. While there is some great design on the walls there are many open sections where furniture can be moved in and out. So each of their customers can create an open area for dancing and socializing. It allows them to have some measure of control over the decoration. In the same sort of philosophy they have ample parking for these areas as well.

All of this space allows them to host big events from concerts to major gatherings for corporations. As with so many other furniture designs we have looked at less is more here. Having an open floor plan allows you to do much more with the space whether you are using it in a business or with a home. If you will have similar big events then this is the best choice for your own home as well. Some pieces are a bit plain to balance support vs style.

Many sites have written extensively about the unusual style of this section. Patterns for walls and also for the overall feel of the area have a very artistic feel to them. Sure there is space and some blank spaces, art catches the eye all over the area. So keeping that part of the charm is very important for any gathering location as well. It allows you to really draw people in and make them feel alive at any sort of gathering.

Many of the pieces are also very comfortable for parties. Although the hosts will wheel out different ones depending on what the event planner wants. So it’s a great place to spend a weekend partying no matter what happens. It’s also a clear example of how to design a similar venue influenced by modernist art. Because from inside to outside they have influences from the modernist style we should take note of.

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