Looking at a Pasadena House of the Day

Curbed House ImageCurbed recently did a feature on their house of the month. So we’ll be going over what it takes to get published on a site like that. There are several common characteristics. We’ll be going over each for you so that you can know how to do this if you are selling a home. It’s tougher than you might think most of the time so this is worth learning about. It could bring some much-appreciated prestige to your own designs as well. Something any great designer wants to have at some point.

As with so many homes like this age is a big factor. This particular house was made in 1909 in the style of the time. On the other hand updates from owners have made sure it does not look at all dilapidated, a problem with many homes that have bene in use for such a long time. People will pay more if you can point out that practically anything has been around for 100 years or more. Something in the human brain just finds that appealing if it still looks amazing.

One interesting factor is that no matter what you put in it, Outdoor Bar Stools or whatever, polish counts. Many features of the home are not amazing or high-tech. In fact, little of it is. But all of it has been perfectly finished and cared for so that it looks amazing. It’s more than just caring for it it’s upgrading each item and making sure that it is of the highest quality when they finally put all of this up as a show piece.

Utility is another big part of how this particular home became so famous. A fully furnished kitchen is next to a utility room which lets you get all the chores done in record time. Having a design which works and is useful is just important as picking the most amazing outdoor furniture possible for any sort of setting as well.

As for the outdoor areas themselves they have minimalist furniture with excellent wood and stone appointments. Once again the clean look is complimented by stone slabs and Douglas Fir wood that goes throughout many area of the home. It really gives it a unified look that you want to shoot for in your own projects as well. Everything matches correctly as well.

It takes quite a bit to have a home featured on a house of the day post or other section. One unexpected factor of this is that the home is rather small. At 1,550 feet it still has a living room, dining area and also two bedrooms. So in many ways they have fit a lot of value into such a small area. This is a crucial factor for many of those who feature the greatest homes in America or even in the world. They can fit all of that due to an upstairs area that also includes an office space.

As usual less is more here so be sure to put a lot of polish into a small area in your own home as well. Down the road your house may be featured as well.



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