Weird Hotels The Bubble Tree Hotel

Bubble-Tent-RoomPlastic furniture has evolved to plastic rooms. Although it’s not quite that simple, the materials we have today let us create some amazing locations. One of these is a French bubble hotel. These devices allow you to enjoy the outdoors with their clear design while still staying warm and safe. Other establishments around the world also use these but we’ll be talking about this particular one today. Why? Simply because it is the most famous use so far and people have heard about it all over the world.

Bubble tents come in transparent and semi-transparent settings for those who want a little bit more privacy. The downside of having a translucent dome over your head is that you have one of those over your head and it is easy to see in. Hotels are sure to have some side settings for when you need a bit of privacy though. However the original intent was clearly for private areas where people could relax in any manner they want.

Hundreds of writers were charmed into giving this area some additional publicity. As we have mentioned before if your decorations really stand out you will get free press. While this may not matter to the private owner it is a big deal to anyone attempting to make a living with their skills. Every little bit of publicity helps as well.

So what is the hotel itself? It is known as the Attrap’ Rêves and has multiple locations. All of them are centered on nature but they have additional amenities such as Jacuzzi s. You can gaze at the stars with a telescope and enjoy wonderful meals in dining areas as well. Several locations also have special views of nearby harbors so you can get a look at some aquatic life without leaving the comfort of your space age bubble.

Bubble tree is actually a major manufacturer of items like this. They sell them all over the world and each one works as a tent-room that stands out from all others. You can even put your own pieces in these.

Patio Furniture of this type needs to be super-modern. Hi-tech and absolutely amazing. Tents like this, and they are tents at base, fit this perfectly. However as we have discussed before the difference between a modern tent like this and a simple one for camping is night and day. These are basically outdoor rooms all to themselves that you do not have to worry about setting up yourself.

There are various levels of bubble that can fit everything from a small bed to a king size. As such the rooms vary just as any other would. People come from all over the world to stay at these locations despite the fact that you can buy them yourself. So what does this teach us as designers? People will pay for unique novelty, especially if you can pair it up with natural beauty. It sounds simpler than it actually is in practice. But if you can bring the same approach to your own home or business it will be amazing.


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