What is the “New Feminine”

New Feminine Design ExampleMany designers in all fields have been discussing the “New Feminine”. It basically refers to new ideas of what femininity entails. What this includes varies from designer to designer of course because they all have their own take on it. Women are different and unique of course so this only makes sense. So today we’ll take a look at what some designers think of this as well. See if you agree on some points here. Even if you do not it will probably give you some ideas on this.

As you’ve probably read about this either here or on other sites the color for 2015 is Marsala. It’s a dark, edgy shade of pink which is meant to express this idea in every way possible. Designers want to make feminine also mean sexy and perhaps a bit edgy. It fits with the idea of the modern, strong woman that so many experts in the media push. This is a great example of how ideas on feminine design have changed.

Outdoor Furniture should have some clear-cut floral designs in it for this. Both because it is a feminine touch and because it fits in with green design. But experiment with shades in order to create a different sort of look. Don’t go with the old patterns which everyone is used to seeing. Take time to find something which stands out when decorating in this style. This is because moving forward and trying new options are also central parts to this.

Contrasting styles are also very important here. Having some of your pieces stand out from others or creating new patterns in a room are both great ways to improve upon this idea. You may have some interesting takes on this as well.

For many the idea of the new feminine refers to strong, sexy takes on women. While that is a simple way to put it this is not inaccurate at all. Women have always been objects of worship in design but in the modern era many craftspeople and architects have taken to worshiping the woman as a strong, competent individual. Very few of them do anything which does not fit with all of this. Even sculpture work has been changed by this.

Unfortunately the idea of the new feminine is rather vague. There are a few key factors but as with everything in design things aren’t really clear-cut. One good rule of thumb is to make sure that things are not as girly and pink as we have seen many times in the past. Wood finishes are a good contrast to making everything a bit too feminine.

These are of course just suggestions. You should put some thought into what the new feminine furniture design means for you. Due to this you may find that you have your own ideas on all of this and those will not be wrong. Beauty is, as usual, in the eye of the beholder. Coming up with your own ideas may give you the motivation to get all of this working correctly as well.




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