Indian Style

Vibrant Indian FurnitureIndian style has been, at various points in history, all the rage in many parts of the world. Recently their trends towards extravagance have made people all over the world take notice. With bright, loud, and incredibly opulent design choices this style is a way to make everyone take notice in short order. Of course in an area this large there are many different takes on it so we’ll be looking at several here to give you some ideas.

When we talk about Indian we mean authentically Indian. Not Native American or some other mash-up of styles. With a rich culture of design over hundreds of years the area has much to teach the rest of the world. In the modern day most lessons are about impressing guests and parts of any Indian design are as much performance as architecture. Furniture follows similar patterns as well.

We would recommend going with this for big events in your area such as weddings and festivals. The lively, vibrant style of decorating has bright colors mixed in with beautiful plants. Everything about festival design in this style screams life at you. For those who really want their guests to feel something different and create a fresh, vibrant atmosphere this is absolutely perfect for you.

For those who really want to impress their visitors for a business you should be prepared to drop quite a bit of money on this. The biggest events include wildlife such as elephants. All of this does not come cheap but it is obviously worth it for those with incredibly wealthy clients. India still has many people like this who actually go to Europe and North America to have events here. So it’s a real multicultural affair for everyone involved as well.

Outdoor Furniture also fits with extreme patterns as with everything else. The keyword today is more, more, and more than that. In ancient times only the richest Indian people could embrace this. Now everyone who is even in the middle class enjoys being vibrant and over-the-top during celebrations. Many pieces of furniture also fit in with this popular sentiment.

While the designs which get all of the press are the exciting ones there is also understated style as well. Many restaurants and classy event halls have an understated look. Beautiful furnishings with clean cuts or stylish fabrics are common. As are understated floral arrangements taking advantage of India’s natural beauty. So if this is more your style then you might want to look into this as well.

We want you to know that this is by no means a complete rundown of Indian culture or even outdoor furniture. With an incredible selection of styles over an ancient, rich history it would take us several books to actually explain all the options here to you. We will probably do another article on this sometime as well. So we encourage you to also study this on your own because there are many incredible things to learn from this culture and sense of style.


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