The Furniture “Hacking” Trend

Hacked Furniture ExamplesHacking is an incredibly popular trend online. It’s a buzzword term for modifying regular items to make them different. At first this meant more useful but as time went on we saw it transferred to simply different, for better or worse. While this certainly isn’t for everyone some people are obsessed with this and take a great deal of enjoyment from it. Should you do the same? Well that’s a much more complicated question we’ll be answering for you.

The internet is now filled with hacks about everything. From your phone to things you sit on people seem to want to “hack” everything possible. In the furniture/design world this most often means creating a DIY project where you recycle items. There is of course nothing wrong with all of that, as long as people put an incredible amount of effort into it. If you can do this then we would advise you to since the results are often great.

Unfortunately not all “hacks” are the same. Having a fly funeral or placing a table covering on top of a table are two of the completely useless “hacks” which people advise today. Here we come to the problem with this trend: some people are idiots. If you have a baseline level of intelligence you can avoid these people simply by reading the first few paragraphs and realizing it will be useless.

Another problem is sorting through the incredible amount of useless sites in order to find useful DIY projects. Attempt to search through the most reputable names if you need ideas. On the other hand an intelligent designer can turn even a really stupid project into a great one with the right amount of work and ingenuity. It is not for everyone but can be absolutely great for those who want to put in the effort and have a mind for design.

Even restaurant outdoor furniture can be hacked and reused from previous pieces. Just make sure that you theme your restaurant after it. Otherwise you might have some very confused people wondering what exactly is going on. Be sure that you choose only the best projects here as well so that you do not waste an absolutely huge amount of time on a project.

So what is our advice on this trend? Ignore it for the most part. Don’t get swept up in a project that you really do not want to do or another that does not make sense. Use your own judgment here and make sure that you figure out whether each article discusses something you would actually like to do. In this way you can fairly quickly gather the best information and ignore the bad advice. However if you are a great crafts-person you can create an inspired piece with a few flaws.

If you have trendy friends obsessed with this then it all comes down to perception. Anything can be a “hack” if you can convince someone. It’s just a matter of perception all around so in most circumstances if you say it is X then it is X. You probably have some idea how effective this is with some people.



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