Adult-Only Style

Adult Only Hotel So everyone knows quite a bit about the appeal of having settings for children. But what about adult-only attractions that bring in large numbers of tourists? We’ll be discussing that today. There are many of these all around the world that draw in huge numbers of people as well. It fits in a very specific niche with some set activities that children would either find boring or quite a bit inappropriate. If you want to go with this sort of setting you can make it work for you as well.

Depending on where you go in the world there are areas that have daycare and other options for kids. However today we’re talking about bars, hotels and other areas with impressive furniture/style that are a bit out of the ordinary.

Not surprisingly having a kid-free establishment can be a plus for some. There are adults looking for romance or a stiff drink who definitely do not want any kids in the way. Many parents also like this because they want to actively get away from their children who may be a serious handful on normal days. There are many parents who will pay a premium to have a relative or sitter take care of the kid in that case while they manage everything else.

So what are some examples? One is the earth-centered Gaia hotel which has spacious rooms. While they aren’t particularly adult in their fare they are on a nature reserve. It means children would definitely not be safe around some of them like wild iguanas. Being able to look at this untamed nature is the main draw of the establishment. And it’s only something that could be done with adults around.

Outdoor Bar Stools need to have a hip, modern adult feel as well. Comfortable, plush treatments are very common among these. Mature black colors also help you offset the attitude as well. Having an air of class or lively colors both work for most people. When decorating you should get feedback from the adults you are planning for as well.

The Miami Standard is another interesting example. It’s isolated and has yoga retreats along with an amazing spa. It’s a holistic take on adults-only settings which works very well. It’s meant to relax and take your mind off how hard life can be with long hours and tough challenges.

So there are several factors which all of these have in common. They cater to adults with some activities meant only for them like gambling or nature viewing. Many of them are also remote, which gives people a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of business life that makes so many of us really stressed out. If you can put any of these factors into your own setting then you could create an atmosphere which is exactly the same.

You can also go with the route of adding more technology for some who prefer that method. Some of them also include special “preferred” visitor packages as well. This can help you get the extra benefits you need in order to keep everything working really great.


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