Designers Push for Marsala Pantone as 2015 Color of the Year

Marsala Pantone ImageMarsala Pantone is being hailed as the color of choice by many top designers during 2015. While it’s a bit too soon to say this is catching on it is something to keep your eye on. In many cases sheer popularity is all that is needed in order to catapult any design trend up to the top. This has happened before with other colors and led to entire lines being set up around this in order to keep everything uniform. How did this become the color of choice? We’ll discuss that a bit as well.

Fashion trends are a big reason it was chosen. Top designers make clothing and furniture in these colors. Since these two worlds are so intricately and intimately connected it makes sense that one would reflect the other in a variety of different ways. This is just normal for any design of this type as well. There is no ruling body that decides on this but many designers naturally gravitate to one color in their social circles, which carries over in a number of different ways as well.

Part of this is a vested interest from those who run sites like this. Industry writers and designers stand to profit enormously from increased sales of a set color they can deliver regularly. Each of these writers encourages people to use this in some form. Whether it is a small part of a pattern or a huge part of a furniture piece many writers and designers are telling people that this is the hip trend for this year.

One reason that this shade was chosen is that many other colors can be mixed with it in order to create new tones and styles. While there is certainly a set color for this (a wine-like shade) there are many variations of that which all appear to be very elegant no matter where you put them. Most commonly these are used with fabrics but they could also be created with steel or wood settings with some work and care. So any color chosen like this you can expect to be very flexible with other materials.

Patio Furniture can benefit from this as long as you set it to an earthy tone. People are okay with just about any color as long as it invokes nature. At least that has been the trend in recent years, as you might expect. You can also mix this with other browns and yellows in order to create a natural look. Creating a room that looks like it is alive is easier outside as well. This is because certain aspects of the design probably are actually alive.

What some people do not realize is that Pantone is part of a large family of colors which has become popular in recent years. It’s probably more accurate to think of it as a gradient which goes along many different colors including emerald and blue turquoise. It lends an air of sophistication to the various types of color that we are seeing here.




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