Some Celebrity Outdoor Style

Travolta Jumbo HouseCelebrities are always known for their quirky style and little has changed. Today we’ll be looking at a few specific examples and also look at some in the future as well. After all, celebrities are often a font of inspiration in fashion and design. Who else can afford to keep up with the latest and most impressive trends at all times? Few others can obviously and therefore many journalists focus on them for the largest investigative pieces.

Extravagance is the byword for so many different celebrities. For example Mark Wahlberg has as small putting course on his estate which is perfectly set up and maintained so that he can use it at any time. Having decorations which are functional as well and cost quite a bit are something that just about every celebrity has. By far this is the most common thing that celebrities show the public.

Can you afford the same Outdoor Furniture as celebrities? It depends on who you are buying after. For example you certainly not buy a full amusement park like Michael Jackson had before his passing. However you may be able to afford a small ranch or other elaborate setting which costs much less than that. Of course you may simply be fabulously wealthy and reading this, if so feel free to go nuts.

Speaking of extravagance those with the money often have full movie theaters, parks and even garden mazes on their estates. This is nothing new as the extravagantly wealthy have always dabbled in extravagance. It’s nothing new. Even if you cannot afford such extravagance you can always use little touches to make a normal setting look impressive. Simply maintaining your outdoor pieces or adding a small, intricate statue can help you do this without breaking the bank so to speak.

Celebrities have their own quirks so we’ll discuss a few. For example those interested in westerns are more likely to be interested in expansive ranches where the entire area is an outdoor and amazing area. For example John Travolta has one property that pretty much serves to house a Jumbo Jet and that is all it is really used for. It has an overhang that stores the plane which acts as a home away from home as well. Christina Aguilera has a mansion set up chiefly in gothic colors and tones. Being quirky can lend a special charm that you cannot get in any other way.

On the other hand such an investment is not always easy to sell when a career turns around. Some buyers simply do not care that some celebrity owned a home. They won’t be willing to pay the huge listing price that comes with such an attraction. At other times the home will have been designed by a famous architect which actually does make it legitimately valuable and can fetch a hefty price for them rather than for anyone who lived in it. These homes move very quickly and so does the outdoor furniture around the area as well.


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