“Geeky” Decorating

Big Bang Theory FurnitureBeing a geek, which is sometimes seen as synonymous in pop culture with being a nerd, has become extremely popular in recent years. Both fashion and decorating have been influence by this new and very powerful trend these days. So what is “geeky” about decorating and when would you want to use it? We’ll be explaining that to you and also why it is the height of fashion as well. Some of you may dislike this trend but should try to understand it anyway.

Those who have heard of “The Big Bang Theory” probably understand why this became popular. Due to hipsters and normal people appropriating nerd culture it has suddenly become trendy to be a nerd. While this may save a generation from bullying on these grounds it’s a bit frustrating for those who were hardcore nerds, picked on for their views. On the other hand this is just simply the direction that the world is going in now so we may as well try to understand it.

Picking Outdoor Furniture of this style is somewhat more difficult than indoor. This is because it’s hard to define outdoor pieces which are geeky. You can always take the easy route and look for logos of popular shows and other items that clearly fit with all of this. That may not always work but it is an option.

Be careful when using this style though. Friends who consider themselves nerds, Mensa Members or just anyone who considers themselves to be an intellectual may be insulted by this. On some level the geek mentality relies on the idea that being intelligent should be made fun of on a level. Not everyone agrees with this sentiment and you could offend those who feel that way. That is, if those sort of people matter to you in any way. Materials matter little, but the presentation matters a lot.

Some suggest having events to make everyone act a bit silly and let go of their inhibitions. In this spirit we’ve seen many ugly Christmas sweater parties and also some unusual summer celebrations as well. Basically the atmosphere you want to create with this is one of light-hearted fun. If this works for you and your friends then you should feel free to use it.

Geeky style is often a major topic of conversation today. People either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. Therefore it will at least draw attention no matter how you do this. If you have friends who take themselves a bit too seriously you might not want to worry about them. For business owners you should make it a part of the atmosphere.

While you can of course get new pieces to entertain these guests the style is more about warm atmosphere than anything else. Therefore just do what you enjoy in this style and do not worry so much about sleek finishes or impressive settings. Letting go and relaxing is what “geek” style is all about as well. If you can manage to create that feeling then you’ve done most of the work already.

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