Bucking the Matching Trend

Non-matching Outdoor FurnitureMatching pieces together is a tried and true method for most designers. However some are ignoring this trend for other methods of design. Many of the hottest design and business magazines today have one article on this or another which encourages people to think outside of the box. For some this may work perfectly while others will likely have a much harder time with it. We’ll discuss the ups and downs of this with you so that you can fully understand what designers are suggesting.

The main point that many people are making is that you do not need an entire room, anywhere, to fully match. This is common sense for most of us. However there are those who just constantly only buy pieces which match every single other part of their home. That is of course fine but not really something you have to do at all times. The school of thought now is that you should have a few pieces, preferably amazing or expensive ones, stand out from the rest of the room.

In many articles they say having a theme is great but you should not worry too much about having everything match. So if authorities tell you this you can be fairly sure it’s correct. We’re telling you the same thing so take that as you will. Therefore you can expect that this trend will be around for some time, although it is in a sense an anti-trend rather than a trend.

One factor driving this change is the idea that you need unusual materials for your fixtures. Pieces made entirely of gold, bone or ivory have become very popular with many families. These were always used at times by the extremely wealthy. However with the fact that these items, or false pieces that look just like the real thing, are available makes them popular. Also the idea of not having “authentic” items has fallen by the wayside as well. For example people are fine with false fur because it does not harm any animals.

Surprisingly having non-matching wallpaper has also become extremely popular in some neighborhoods. This is because there are so many variations which stand out. It can even become the focal point for the room as well. It is also a way to completely change a setting without breaking the bank for you and your family. You can even buck the trend of nature matching.

So if you manage to get outdoor dining tables or other pieces that could stand out as the focal point you should them. Don’t worry too much about matching them up with the many other changes to your home. What really matters is that you constantly keep things fresh so that people who visit never know what to expect.

The biggest reason people want a change is that in this era of design change is constant. We want to change from old to young and from a polluted earth to a clean one in many art circles. Therefore decorative settings have changed along with the prevailing attitude of the time.


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