Seattle Street Changes Outdoor Looks for the Holidays

Streetside at Snowflake LaneThose of you who follow news around cities all over the world may have heard a bit about some celebration called Snowflake Lane. This major extravaganza turns large sections of the city into areas filled with incredible pageantry all around. What makes it more impressive is that almost everyone gets involved with this and gets into the spirit. Rarely do we see such an outpouring of support anywhere, which is why it is so amazing when it actually does happen.

Pageantry was the theme of this major transformation as the businesses and even people went out of their way to show off the holiday spirit. Drummers, dancers and even reindeer are out in force during this celebration of the holiday spirit. Multiple generations of local families come every year in order to experience the full impact of this incredible festival as well.

While few owners were buying Fire Pit Tables they were changing in a lot of subtle ways. From the menu to the furniture itself there are decorations everywhere. Some owners go the extra step and contribute more actively to it as well so they can say they were a part of this classic celebration for Seattle. Tourists also flock to the area in order to get a taste of the festivities and truly understand why everyone is so excited that this is happening again.

Having a regular schedule is a big draw for those who visit and for those who contribute to the festivities as well. Every night during the celebration, at 7:00 pm, performers and volunteers get ready for the festival. These range from professionals who work in the festival to volunteers who are simply there to contribute and people who are there to watch and sometimes put on costumes to be a part of the entire celebration as well.

So how do you use Snowflake Lane to your own advantage? By getting involved with the other vendors in the area. Make connections and keep everyone in the holiday spirit because you all stand to gain from this if you have happy customers coming in and remembering the night forever as well.

Business booms during this period as you might expect. Bars, restaurants and even accessory stores sell many items during this period. Wedding rings are bought regularly so that men can propose on a special night. In fact all forms of buying go up from drinks to clothing since people have to be ready for this massive celebration. If there is one thing that people will spend money for it is to make lasting memories. A few places even have additions like heated seating for guests.

One final lesson from all this is that if you are going to get involved in a celebration like this you need to go big. Nearly a million pieces of candy are handed out during this celebration with 230 paid teen performers, 300 drumsticks and 1,350 pieces of red lipstick to complete the outfits. Just running the operation costs over a million dollars each year but brings some good will and tourism into Seattle on a level that it probably never would have had otherwise.



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