Acme Feed and Seed Gathers Major Publicity

Acme Feed and Seed PatioRecently the bar with an unusual name known as the Acme Feed and Seed has received some major news coverage from many outlets around the area. With some of the hottest entertainers in an area filled with country music and incredible décor it is worth learning from their example for many different reasons.

After years of the Honkey-tonk district of Nashville being known for serious crime things have really changed. It now plays host to dozens of different restaurants and bars which keep the area lively and exciting without endangering people nearby. So this is much more than a story about a bar. It’s about how an entire section of Nashville transformed into a nicer place to be with high style on every corner. This is just one good example of a business that benefited from all of these changes.

As you might expect the furnishings in the establishment are of the top quality for anywhere nearby. Each one also has a western feel that people enjoy seeing as well. So they have the quality and theme that many tourists and also locals are looking for which keeps them very successful. It also helps spread word of mouth for the business and good word of mouth cannot be bought (without, perhaps, an extremely large sum of money).

One reason that they have become so successful is that they chose a certain theme and stuck with it for a very long time. In this case it was music and many music sites have covered them extensively. Music, as we have discussed before, helps the mood in any area and the opposite is also true. It’s an intangible energy that feeds on other energy in the area as well. You cannot really see it but you can feel it when you are in such an establishment.

Having a large stage to play on and equipment which lets you hear them outside are just two of the aspects which are vital to the atmosphere. Proper equipment lets any small bar grow into a much larger one by playing host to dozens of different acts which keep people excited. The fact that people can enjoy a drink overlooking the nearby city as well as nature simply makes the entire package even more exciting for the many guests who visit. Securing all of this is very important to them as well.

As you might expect Patio Furniture overlooking a river has to be a little different. Usually rustic wood and resilient steel are very important as well. Due to this you should keep in mind that resilience is very important there for many reasons other than just the weather too. Even in areas where everyone normally behaves themselves a patron can get a bit rowdy at times. Bar owners would do well to keep that lesson in mind when choosing their own items as well.

So should you go for a similar look? Only if you can gather the same buzz by having impressive acts. Depending on your area this could be quite easy or quite difficult so consider your resources.


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