Stylish “Antique” Pieces Which Aren’t Old

Faux Antique DresserAntique items are something that every outdoor furniture collector or designer has an interest in. However one recent trend has come up that we have also seen with clothing. People want new pieces which look like they are old and weathered, as with the pre-washed jeans for example. While you may not fully understand it the impact which this thought process has had on our world is undeniable so you would do well to at least take note of everything for a variety of reasons.

As usual the concept of something being an antique is in the eye of the beholder. While age certainly does help all you really need to do is make sure people fully buy into the idea that your piece is old and valuable. There are many different ways to do this and you can apply them yourself without too much trouble in many cases. We’ll be going over those options a bit later.

You want to be careful when using this as restaurant outdoor furniture. If someone figures out what is going on you could have a “phony” look to your setting that throws everything off when visitors come to hang out at your place. If they get a sense that something is not genuine then it can ruin the entire setup. At the same time if you can convince them to like it then you have just made an incredible decorating choice.

Any designer can also take a DIY approach to this as well and work to make everything look like it fits in by doing this. You would need serious skills to do this though as you would have to figure out the right amount of weathering and specific cuts needed to make it look used without actually being structurally unsound. In many ways this is actually an art form that only those with exceptional skills can use properly so you should think of it as such no matter what stage you are in.

Unfortunately due to the popularity of the trend pieces like this have shot up in price over the years. As such you may have to pay a premium for any individual piece that looks somewhat old. Many designers believe you are paying for the extra effort which they put in and you really are. Of course this may not be the best choice for you when you have so many options in this area as well.

If you have the skills to create outdoor furniture like this then you may want to start selling the items yourself. You could even take some from an existing manufacturer and give them your special touch. With the popularity of online shopping you could possibly even make a living off of this if you managed to market it correctly and get everyone excited about your unique pieces.

Some of you may just want to get the “real” ones no matter what happens. In that case we cannot say you are wrong but you should open your mind up.

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