Outdoor Rooms Made Using Plants

Extensive GardenPlants have also been vital pieces of outdoor furniture. We have also talked about them many different times in the capacity of garnishes for your various pieces. However they can also be used to create a room which is very different from anything you have ever worked on before. While it may take a bit more effort you should probably look into it if you are wanting to really stand out from all the other settings.

When first choosing each piece you should pick one that grows out but is manageable. Vines and bushes are the classic choices for this because we understand how to work on them very well. Each one can also be put anywhere they would like. Try not to go with Kudzu or any of the more difficult species. These can actually end up taking over a yard if they are not constantly maintained in order to keep them out of inconvenient areas.

Pieces of normal outdoor patio furniture can also be used with this setup as well. If you have a particularly strong piece then you can use it to actually grow the vines on without damaging everything to the point that it is unusable. You will of course need to treat it with protective oils and waxes. Then you will need to sheer off any growths that could cause internal damage. Sealing any cracks is the final step to this which helps everything work properly.

One major benefit to this is that plants put off fresh air, obviously, since they absorb CO2 and release oxygen. Therefore you can create an atmosphere that naturally feels cool and new for your guests if they are surrounded by it at all sides. Many people enjoy the feeling of having nature everywhere around them and being able to turn anywhere in order to get a look at the great outdoors.

Plants naturally provide their own shade for your outdoor furniture and also drink in the sunlight that would normally scorch all of your guests. Both of these make them natural choices in sunny areas where it can be tough to keep everyone comfortable. Many people also like the shade falling down on them in the patterns of the leaves and tresses so that adds another piece to the unique appeal of any setting.

One big risk factor with this is bugs. Not only can they damage your plants but they can infest each piece of furniture. You only have two choices there, get incredibly resilient pieces or put some pesticide out to kill everything. Most people prefer not to go with the second one because they are going for an organic look and that would ruin the entire feel of everything.

Those with huge amounts of time and a strong work ethic could theoretically create an area made totally of trees supporting other plants. It is no small task but in design it is worth doing. It could give you national, or international, fame when it is done as well.



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