How Covers Became “Designer”

Designer furniture coverOutdoor furniture covers are nothing new. We’ve known how useful they are since the first time someone threw a fabric over a chair. In the contemporary era we have seen them used more and they have come out in new shapes and forms. As we saw these more and more designers slowly decided that even this utility item could be a “designer” piece. We’ll go over how they decided this and when you would want to get some for your own setting as well.

At base a cover can be practically anything. It’s a super-soft fabric and also a rough plastic cover that you can buy cheaply. In both cases each one can be quite effective because we have the blends to keep each weather-resistant. So you of course should consider this when working on your own projects. Fabric matters little, just the overall look of the setup. That is what is really important to guests.

Many accessories that accentuate the look of your Outdoor Furniture also fit in with this. Small wall hanging features and fountains. Table decorations and garnishes. All of these can come together in order to create a setting that stands out from normal setups. Choosing which ones work for you is very important as well because not everything has an equal level of quality and not everything works best for your preferences.

What gives the cover a designer mystique is the fact that you do not need it at all. You can easily have a shed or other form of shelter which protects your items. It’s an additional item that no one really needs but the same can be said for many decorative pieces. As such it is seen as valuable because it is sometimes fleeting and is often not needed at all.

Of course that does not mean you should exclude it from your outdoor furniture. It can add an additional color or pattern to the early part of your gathering. It can also be pulled off quickly in order to reveal a rare or expensive piece underneath that your visitors were not expecting at the time. As such it plays a special role in entertaining that nothing else can.

As we have mentioned so many times before the downside is that you have to pay quite a bit extra for these. Covers are very cheap so many people expect to not pay very much when they get one of these. However that does not always hold true in this case as some big names put out their own lines which come with the price tag to match from their previous reputation.

But how do we simplify the process that led to this? As we got better at making durable covers we started to make them beautiful. When we made them beautiful we also made them expensive. When something is beautiful and expensive it is most often “designer”. A simple process led to the coverings which we see today and have changed the entire outdoor industry.

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