Gravity-Defying Outdoor Furniture

Gravity Defying TableWe have briefly talked about this before but some pieces of outdoor furniture and other items seem to defy gravity. They do this by creating a solid inner structure which can hold the entire setup together through suspension or sheer strength of connections. Even a chair with three legs can support the weight of a fully grown adult with some of these pieces as well. In cases such as these each one must be carefully created in order to create the full effect.

So why do these stand out? Because many of them have structures which simply should not work. For example cabinets that are large at the top and bottom but only have a tiny connection in the middle which is holding it all together. By all means these should have been impossible but with the super materials we have today they are becoming much more common than ever before. At the same time these are becoming more affordable for those who could never buy them before but are still expensive.

As you might expect it is not normal to see this with many pieces. You would be paying quite a premium to get these as restaurant outdoor furniture for your business. Owners pay for the novelty factors in these for their customers. If you believe that your own customers would love to see these then you should actually get some. Ask them first, even take some surveys if you have the time and capabilities.

For those who can create their own pieces there are actually plans for these available online as well. However this is not a project for those who are just learning to create pieces. It takes a lot of planning and precise measurements to make these work for you correctly. Of course if you have made other pieces and have a way to work on these properly you might want to look into these as well.

Another thing you are paying for with this sort of furniture is a designer name. Whether you are using these indoors or outdoors you will pay extra for these and for the name that they come with. If you are willing to pay for these as well it can be a good choice, just keep this in mind.

One method of doing this involves hanging your furniture on walls or ceilings. By properly mounting it and setting it up in the right area you can expect it to stand out even beyond any other setting that you could imagine. While this may be a lot of work the results can be absolutely amazing for those who can get everything working right.

Another point to consider is whether these will fit with your other pieces. If you want a wacky and unusual setup that really impresses people then it is great. If you are going for a normal setup that does not stand out then you may want to look elsewhere. It is all up to what you want and need afterwards.

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