Furniture Controllable by Smartphone or Tablet

Control TabletSmartphones and tables are all the rage in furniture today. Surprisingly there are outdoor and indoor applications for these as well so we’ll go over a few of them. From a device that folds out of a floor to a canopy which can move in or out with the press of a button remote technology is all the rage with many people. But is it right for your own setting? We will be discussing that today for you so that you can make the best possible choice in a world full of advanced technology.

At base these devices work much like your car keys. A remote signal is sent from some sort of computer and program. It travels invisibly through the air and reaches a receiver. Then whatever mechanical devices are involved will move the item to the area you want it in. As such they can often break down and need repairs so only get these if you want to pay for a warranty or are worth paying quite a bit for the full repairs down the road.

Some advanced outdoor patio furniture designs of can work well in all conditions. Despite the interesting technology involved designers can still make it air or water tight to protect the internal setup. Unfortunately as you might expect these are often quite expensive as you will probably have to pay for the initial device and for the installation as well unless you have the skills to do this as well.

You also have to figure out how much control you want to give to your family. It’s fine if the adults have it but if a child gets on and finds it really fun to move a setup in and out over and over it can actually be dangerous. Especially if any hydraulics are involved, someone could have a limb crushed. While it is not something that we think about much in design safety is much more important here.

So what varieties do these come in? Everything from radio-controlled carts to tables which transform or protective coverings. All of these are possible with our modern technology and each one can be set up to work with radio control. Every year designers also try to top themselves in this area so we keep seeing much more impressive examples.

Whether these are right for you depends on a number of factors from whether you have children to how tech-savvy you are. This style is not for everyone so you shouldn’t get it just to fit in with the trend. However if technology is the main focus of your life it can really liven up both small gatherings and large parties for everyone involved as well.

Not everyone likes this though so if you have some people who are annoyed by technology it’s not the best way to go. Some people, no matter how amazing things become, just want to stick with a classical look and function. That is fine but you can sometimes meld both of these to get the best of both worlds.




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