Creating an Al Fresco Style

Al Fresco Dining ExampleFor many “Al Fresco” means more than just dining outside. It means having a comfortable environment where everyone you care about can sit back and enjoy things all the time. Creating this feeling can be very difficult but there are many things you can do in order to promote it amongst your friends or clientele. Many different people attempt to create this and not all of them do so successfully. In all cases only by working to their tastes can you give them an experience that they would truly call remarkable.

As you probably know at base this does simply mean “dining outside”. You of course need the basic dishware, environment and food suitable for this sort of thing. However you also need so much more than that. Even something as simple as the people you invite can be a factor in how your overall room feels in the long run. Try to invite friends or customers who are somewhat upbeat and willing to take chances on a new design.

Using restaurant outdoor furniture which has a distinctly European feel helps as well. Why is this? Because while “Al Fresco” just means eating outside many people also want to see a level of class and foreign authenticity to it as well. Some people do not realize this and somehow, despite all their efforts, their design falls short of impressing anyone. Don’t be someone like this, understand what people want.

Themes are as important here as with anything else. Tuscany, Coastal and Wilderness are all themes that various designers have used to great effect. If you can take one of these styles and make it your own then you can create a setting which is perfect for your friends or customers. It also gives you a point where you can start on your journey towards an entirely new sort of setting.

Translated literally “Al Fresco” means open air. Having an open area where air can easily flow in is also vital to this style. Everyone wants to have a refreshing breeze. At the same time you might also want a canopy somewhere for your outdoor furniture. Why? Because if a breeze picks up it can remove tableware and you never know when a slight drizzle will turn into a serious downpour. Your guests need somewhere to take shelter so that their party clothes do not get ruined by the unexpected.

As always you should ask your guests what they want as well. There are many ways to do this right but they all involve delivering good things that your guests wanted to come visit you for. If you do not do that then you have failed. If you do that then even if someone has a complaint here and there you have still been a success in the overall grand scheme of things.

You can of course also try to do this inside with proper air flow but it’s just not the same. Make sure you have some form of pest control as well so your outdoor guests and furniture can be safe.


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