The Designer Christmas Light Trend

Designer Christmas LightsChristmas lights used to be just for the holidays or for those too lazy to do a lot of decorating. This style now has quite a few different styles on the higher end as well. This designer trend is causing more people than ever to put them up all around the year. Will this trend work for your own home? If you want an inexpensive solution that is easy to install it may. If you like to do a bit more work for some bigger results then you might want to pass.

Lighting being hung is nothing new. We’ve done this from the time we have had civilization. However only in modern times have we had so much access to such simple lighting at such affordable prices. We would never have had the gaslight era if we had these. The only downside to this is your selection of lighting is absolutely staggering just in this area alone. You have thousands of styles to choose from.

Patio Furniture is often accompanied by a string of these. One of the most popular ones in our era is to have a string of white lights simply adding a bit of illumination to your furniture. Outdoor furniture can be emphasized in this manner to give it a lively or even angelic look depending on how you do the rest of the lighting. Combining it with candles can also give it an unexpected touch of class which can impress many people.

As you might have guessed not all of these are made to the same standards of quality. Look to the manufacturer before grabbing a set for your own yard. Some are especially fragile and will break under the influence of mild bad weather. Others are both stylish and durable. Many of these will stand up to most of what nature can throw at them. You do want to look at style but durability matters as well. After all no one wants to look at your broken lights outside.

So where does the “designer” come in? Unusual patterns for the lights, methods of lighting and even some strange materials are being used in pieces from more impressive companies than the ones you see at your local store. These are contributing to a new way of thinking about the setting which insures that those selling the pieces will have interested parties to sell to for years to come. Outdoor furniture is changing as you read this.

Will these work for your setting? If you are not experienced with putting together larger lighting this may be a great choice. Some of the more expensive options look quite classy and can add a similar level of style to the ones you would have paid much more for. This can save you a lot of money and you only need to know a bit about tacking these on in order to get a beautiful lighting effect for your own home. It may however not be enough for some people who want larger and brighter lighting though.


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