Style in a Cave?

Cave BarWith the huge number of new additions in technology we have seen we can now put a room anywhere. You can even have your stylish outdoor furniture set up in a cave. While certainly not a normal project for an average do-it-yourselfer it is something that extravagant decorators might think of. We’ve had tourist locations with food and drinks like this for years. Why not use it for your own lavish home setting or even for a business of your own?

Going about finding a proper cave is no small task. There are some that would naturally work with a design atmosphere like this. However others would probably need significant carving and structure work to get them in proper shape. You would almost definitely want to hire someone to handle this for you unless you are a consummate geologist in your own right.

It is clear that your Outdoor Furniture would need a stony and rustic touch in a setting like this. Try to go for wood or stone pieces which will fit right in with the setting all round. This will let you create a natural look and appeal that people will be looking for. Obviously try to avoid anything that looks too modern or artistic. It will really clash and cause problems for you in the long run.

Obviously earth tones are your friend in this case. Natural hues that fit in are perfect for any setting like this. Try to play up the geological aspects of it. You can even decorate nearby stalactites and stalagmites. Or you may want to go for a somewhat creepy atmosphere. Caves naturally create a mindset in people that makes them somewhat scared. You can play this up to your advantage.

The damp, dark environment can also be a problem for some types of outdoor furniture. Be sure to select pieces that are naturally resilient or have been artificially sealed in order to keep them from being damaged. If you do not do this then you may end up having damage done to this before you even get started and that is not something anyone wants.

Lighting the interior is also very important. We suggest having some hanging lights and a generator or other power source. This can of course also be very expensive so make sure that you have saved up enough money to handle this. The power costs for such a thing can be prohibitive. If you are not doing this to make money then you should be very rich before taking part in a project like this.

The obvious advantage to having an outdoor furniture setup like this is that few people have it. You can be one of the only people in your group of friends to have a literal “man cave” to relax in. You can also be the only one to have a cave bar or run a business in it. You will stand out for sure and there will be almost no way that they can top you.


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