Full Lines of Indoor-Outdoor Furniture

Indoor Furniture OutdoorsSo we’ve talked a lot about the wonders of indoor pieces being used as outdoor furniture. Now designers are creating entire lines for it. So we want to tip our hats to those doing this and also discuss your options for such things. A whole new world of possibilities has opened up in the modern day when dealing with furniture like this. We’re going to approach this from both the viewpoint of a dealer and a client who is looking to buy.

For dealers this is a huge boon because they can now offer indoor furniture which can be used outside as well. This means that they can charge a bit extra for the added functions of their pieces. Those who are less than scrupulous might want to double the cost but that is a risky venture. People will pay a bit more but they probably won’t pay the cost of two pieces for this feature alone.

So how does this apply to Outdoor Bar Stools and other accessories? You can now buy cushions that stand up to any sort of environment. Treated wood makes it so it fits indoors and outdoors. All of these can be improved and most often are in fit shape to use as they are. There may come a day when pretty much every item you buy would be made to this standard.

The only downside to this is that even though these pieces are more useful and resilient they will still track dirt and mud from one part of your home to another. So you will still have to clean them if they have been out too long because just bringing them in and out isn’t going to be that simple. We have yet to see a day where we have affordable self-cleaning furniture. Technically we could make it but in most cases it would be far too expensive for anyone to affordably put on the market.

This trend will also be offset by a large amount of Chinese knock-offs and ones from other countries as well. So you will have to look for counterfeit outdoor furniture in this area like in any other. It’s a double-edged sword when something like this becomes easier to make because you will not only have people making it who mean well but also people who do not mean well capitalizing on it too.

Will these work in your own home? If you already have dedicated indoor and outdoor pieces then you probably do not need these. However if you are furnishing a new project then this may be just the right ticket. If you are a designer or a retailer you can add an additional touch which will really impress people in the long run. It’s the small touches that allow you to charge a higher price and make more money for yourself.

As with many other trends this one is also on the rise so keep your eye on it. We’ll see this more and more as it gains popularity.


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