Flawed Furniture Style

Slightly Flawed TableOne really strange and somewhat confusing trend has emerged recently. Furniture that has small imperfections which make it look used or unique. People are paying more for outdoor items which look like someone has used them for a few years. Marketers are selling them on the fact that because they are lightly damaged or used they will stand out from any other piece on the market. This seems a bit odd but it is certainly worth exploring.

Perhaps what is most interesting is that while this is not common place among manufacturers yet it is slowly growing in popularity. Every sort of business that makes these items has at least a few that are not perfectly made and many of them are thrown out. However in the future we may see these being on sale in a side corner of the market. People apparently want them enough that it works for them.

So why would you want a piece of Outdoor Furniture that looks a bit more worn? There are a few reasons that people could sell you on. We mentioned the unique and classic look they provide. They also only “look” well-used and are often brand new. Most of them are also made of material that are unlikely to have additional chips down the line when you have actually used them for a long time.

The real question is whether you should be paying more for pieces like this. We would have to say no. When there are tons of different thrift stores that are selling somewhat used items anyway why do you want to end up paying more when you could pay less? They would be no less unique than the ones you would be spending all the money on. What it really comes down to is you are once again paying for a brand instead of the time itself.

However if paying for a brand works for you then you probably should check it out. You can find a huge number of new outdoor furniture pieces, plates and other decorations to choose from. People are making new ones and charging quite a bit for them every single day. It really depends on your income level and what your friends want from all this as to whether this will work for you.

One note of concern is whether the pieces are guaranteed. It’s easy to create one that is somewhat damaged. It’s harder to make a piece that is damaged yet is still very strong and durable. Not everyone will be offering the same level of quality. Some people will even attempt to pass off damaged pieces as being “designer” so be careful when you are dealing with people like this.

When choosing this style it really comes down to how you feel. Some of you out there like pre-worn jeans that are brand new but look old. This is the same sort of concept. If you are the type of person who would buy some of those then you should take a look at it. If not pass it over.

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