Are Memorial Day Sales Worth It?

Memorial Day StatueWhen Memorial Day rolls around everyone always wants you to go out shopping. Buy outdoor furniture, buy some clothes. Buy this, that and the other thing. Of course you will find many different guides saying you to buy and buy and buy. However we’re going to suggest that you take a moment and look at what you are buying. If it isn’t an amazing piece which will impress those you care about then it isn’t worth getting. After all many of us have bought many different things which we no longer use.

While there certainly are some great deals here and there you want to watch out for something else: People trying to clear their unsold pieces which no one wants at a slight discount. If people do not want to buy it then it will likely end up on a bigger discount later on. So it’s best to wait and not buy in that case until you can get it for the sheer clearance prices which will be happening in just a bit.

Patio Furniture is one of the biggest things that people put on sale when they are putting up their memorial day sales. You can find tables, set pieces and much more at slightly reduced rates. That does not automatically mean something is a good deal though. Be sure to check for quality in construction and read reviews. Go down every aspect of the piece to make sure it works for you.

Another thing to avoid is the mob mentality. Sure everyone else may be buying at the time but there are actually some downsides to that. You may run into massive crowds which make shopping miserable. Or you may get to an event only to find out that they have sold the exact piece which you wanted. Either of these things can cause some real problems for you or even ruin your day.

But what if you run a business and aren’t familiar with buying outdoor furniture? You can also get a better price than any large-store sale by trying to make a deal with a wholesaler or even better, manufacturer. In those cases you can get prices any time of the year which are better than the ones you would be paying for otherwise.

That being said there are off and on good values to be found. They just aren’t going to rise to meet you at first glance. You will have to dig a big for them in order to find the one that really works for you and your budget. Dig through each one and see if one is top rated. Then go there expecting to buy. That being said you aren’t going to be the only one doing this. There will be others with the same idea competing for it.

So what is the bottom line? If you want to deal with the hassle you can get some great outdoor furniture from this. However if you’d rather enjoy your time at home just shop online.


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