Organic Design Explored

Fallingwater House ImageA lot of mid-century outside furniture design also had organic settings at heart. We carry that with us today in to the modern day. Because of this it’s still very important in contemporary style as well. Therefore we think going over it is quite important for all of us to take a look at. Every time someone gets a small fountain or adds a few trees to their interior it comes from the ideas that started here and have flourished for quite some time after.

It was originally coined by Frank Lloyd Wright. He had some interesting writings on his work. There are many different ways in which he incorporated this into his life. He truly believed in it in a great many ways. He wanted human beings to actually have some of nature around or even in their houses and this led to some incredible forest and waterfall designs among other things.

When selecting Outdoor Furniture for the organic movement you have many choices along one style. Small planter trees near seating. Benches and tables that have ivy climbing along them. You can put as much or as little effort into the design as you want. You may even just decide to go with a piece that is simply made from all-organic materials. It’s up to you.

For those who want to stay in the spirit of what the design originally intended you will want to incorporate flowing water and live plants. This can be a large amount of work to keep it all in shape but it’s what the original designers wanted. They wanted human beings living alongside with nature just as it should be. This requires a lot of snipping, clipping and even carving in order to keep everything up in the best shape possible.

One typical thing that designers in this area tried to put forth was an outdoor room that was living and breathing. Everything from the seating to the shelter was supposed to expand from a central “seed” which would live and breathe with those that they worked alongside. This could be anything from some central seating in a garden with bushes to a huge waterfall.

There are entire hotels these days with mini-forests and mini-waterfalls running through the length. This is design on this level taken to the highest order. It’s quite hard to create such an amazing establishment so you would likely only do it if you are extremely rich or are running a business where you need to pull in money from the area.

One example of this style is known as “Fallingwater” which has a waterfall and creek right near the living area so that people can be with nature. It’s a bit noisy but gives a style of outdoor furniture that you cannot possibly get anywhere else. Perhaps the main thing that this gives which nothing else can is a setting that grows and shapes itself naturally. Both water and plants do their own design work over the course of time.


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