Wall Climbing Furniture

Wall Climbing DaybedWhile you cannot call it a trend yet there is a new idea in design that relates to climbing walls. Outdoor furniture and indoor both have pieces which start out on the floor but “climb” up a wall either by being pushed securely in or actually being fastened to the side. In either case it gives a look that stands out from the pack. Today we’re going to discuss where it has gone so far and where it might be going in the future later on. It may even give you a bit of inspiration you did not expect.

Furniture attached to walls is nothing new. Ladders are nothing new. But a piece that partially climbs up a wall is new. Perhaps the most famous example of this new idea is a daybed sofa that is part on the ground with the back against the wall. You would have to sleep sitting up to rest on it. Something that most people do not do but something that those with respiratory problems are quite used to. This makes it especially appetizing for people with those ailments.

While the trend has not yet caught on with outside furniture there is little reason that it could not. It’s just that few pieces in this style have been made with the treatments to resist the weather. It is because of this that it is not entirely popular in that area. However it would be quite easy to create a piece which can withstand the elements. In fact you could just apply some of the conditioning that we already use on other pieces.

However the rarity of design means that it is in the highest order of fashion currently. This is a truly unique piece that is not seen very many places in the world. So if you want to get in on it now is the time. It will be quite rare for some time and thus stand out both among normal people and collectors. Unfortunately this also drives the prices up on such an amazing piece of furniture. Rarity will do that to most anything.

Amusingly enough the area where this caught on quite a bit earlier was in pet pieces. Cats have for quite some time had pieces like this that are on the sides of walls. They come in a huge variety of styles for our furry friends to enjoy and have advanced attachments which anyone can securely use. If you run a company that develops pieces then it might be strange but you may want to look to these for some inspiration. After all people have poured their concentration and design work into them for a number of years.

Even Outdoor Bar Stools might use this style later. There is no telling where future pieces like these will go but we are betting on some sort of body-enveloping cushions. After all comfort is must when dealing with any seating arrangement. Having the maximum comfort from a cushioned environment is something that just about everyone can get on board with.



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