Understanding “European” Style Furniture

European CabinetThe words “European Style” are thrown around the outdoor furniture industry constantly. In many cases they are just meant to look European regardless of whether they actually are from there. Now we have so many manufacturers who want to get into this trend that the market is flooded with pieces like this. So how do you tell the genuine article from a stream of imitators? There are a few ways to do that which might be very useful for you.

That being said it’s not necessarily a bad thing that this style is being used so much. You can get some absolutely beautiful pieces at a reduced cost from what you would expect due to this. It can really help you save money in the long run if you are not looking for pieces which are an investment rather than just a simple decoration.

One example of an area to look around in is Patio Furniture. A great many designers make quality pieces and many bigger factory companies imitate them. Be sure to look for watermarks from the designers themselves if you are told it’s an authentic piece. There will usually be some indication or timestamp which you can look for in order to make sure you are getting what you have paid for.

Whenever anyone tells you a setting is “European” make sure to take it with a grain of salt. Due to the massive number of different styles we have seen go through that huge landmass it could mean anything. It could mean French, Italian or just imitation. So do not put too much stock into those who would try to wow you with such a buzzword. In most cases it’s just them trying to run the price up on you.

So what if you are someone who wants to have this distinct, valuable look in outdoor furniture? Don’t just look for the EU name. Look for individual designers who are known to be from there or are known to have worked there. There are literally thousands of famous ones who have their own unique and valuable style. Take a look at newer ones too who are trying to make a name for themselves. An inexpensive buy in the modern day could be an incredibly valuable entry down the line.

Also search for specific styles such as Dutch or German. These often have a special craftsmanship quality that is above the others. The efficiency pays off with smooth craft lines and durability you cannot get anywhere else. Look for quality over name in any case. That is the rule of thumb you need to follow no matter what.

If you do get a piece of outside furniture that doesn’t fit you then keep looking. There are always more being made daily that can fit with your style. However learn your lesson if you have gotten tricked by someone claiming the EU as a mark of fame. It’s easy and it happens to everyone to make a mistake in decorating here and there but don’t let it bother you.


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