The Loggia in Outdoor Room Style

Traditional LoggiaA loggia refers to an open-air area on the side of a building. Usually these are arches built into the side of it. They have for literally hundreds of years been a big part of outdoor furniture decoration. Indeed in many countries they could be considered the first sheltered outside rooms. Such a vital piece of design is not to be ignored. However that is what happens many times when we look at classic pictures or see them in person. We don’t see how to apply them to our own setup. We want to help fix that.

In the modern day we rarely see this style. You have to go to some classic pieces in Italian design for the most prominent ones. Why? No real reason. The design is quite efficient and effectively creates a patio down the entire side of a house. It’s amazing for creating a quick outsideroom. It’s just that many influential designers have moved to glass enclosures or open tops. That does not make it any less useful.

When picking outdoor furniture for these you obviously want to go with a classic look because most Loggia style buildings have a classic look by default. It just fits perfectly with the setting in order to save you a lot of time and effort. If you somehow have a modern building with one of these then congratulations. Odds are that it still have some of the older trappings even in a setting like that.

Some of you may be fortunate enough to have a “Double Loggia” where it is on two floors. While this poses a significant decorating task it is also an amazing opportunity. You can have two different room styles that your guests can relax in while still getting some fresh air. Indeed you could barely ask for a better atmosphere to throw a party in. Why you could even have two different parties going at once.

As a business owner using this style has some marked advantages. You can create an outdoor kitchen on one floor with a party area on another. The sheer style of a setting can only be equaled, not matched. Or you could even have one floor serve drinks while the other puts together some food. The possibilities are practically endless. Outdoor Bar Stools are just one of many pieces you can set up.

There are two downsides to this style though. One is that decorating such a massive area can be a ton of work. You will need a lot of outside furniture in order to fully fill everything out. The other is that most often these are not fully enclosed so truly extreme weather can cause you real problems. If your area is prone to that then you may want to go with a different style.

If you buy a building with one of these pre-installed then you really have no choice in the matter. You should keep in mind though that even if it is a lot of work the results will often be amazing. Be sure to keep the effort up.

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