Summer Style Tips Edition 1

Mini-park with Outdoor CushionsSummer style with outdoor furniture is always important to take a look at. But there are so many different facets of this topic, where do we start? Well for this blog we start here. This will be our first edition going over some great tips for summer that you can use in your own setting. Brainstorm with us and think about how you want everything to look in your own setting. With enough thought and preparation you can make a dynamite new setting for yourself.

One thing to consider when setting things up is that in many areas the humidity is increased during this time. This means that some pieces which you thought were in fine shape are going to have a bit more wear and tear for you. If you have a piece which has done well previously but are worried about it then be sure to treat it or take it into shelter. You can always use it later for some other special occasion.

Look into some additional shelter for your outdoor furniture. A screen or balcony can give you some additional support. If you are interested in remodeling to increase the value of your house then this might be a great place to start. It can also add on some additional style. If you already have one then you are good to go except in cases of extreme weather.

Make sure to get some pieces which are fully welded together. Why is this? Because if it is welded together water cannot get into the joints and cause rust. Without rust your pieces can survive for quite a lot longer than you would normally expect them to. Indeed, rust is often the bane of many pieces that would have been used for years more otherwise. You can’t really do this with wood but it has other advantages.

For your wooden Outdoor Furniture pieces you want to apply a fresh layer of sealant every year. Why? Because it doesn’t last forever. Extreme conditions will also wear it down more easily. Summer in parts of the world can get extreme to say the least. If you live in one of these areas then you definitely want to be careful with it.

Cushions and pillows should also be cared for but much more. Make sure that they come with resistance to mildew and stains right from the manufacturer. Otherwise a brief rainstorm can ruin them in no time. Hopefully you already have a few that are ready but if you do not then be sure to check and figure out which ones need replacing. Being lax with this can cause you a lot of problems later when you are replacing them. Pooling water in them can also be a problem because this can damage even ones that have been treated. If they have gotten doused by an especially large storm be sure to drain them.

The final decoration to put with your outdoor furniture in summer is a rug. It completes the entire setting but can also get a lot of wear. Be sure to clean and treat these regularly as well. We hope you have enjoyed this edition of tips and look for more later on.


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