Style Lessons from Israel’s Red Star

Israel's Red Sea StarIsrael’s Red Star is one of the most unusual and amazing places to get a drink in the entire world. This is because it’s about five meters underwater but also perfectly safe. Not something you see everywhere so it stands out even in an area with many amazing businesses. While you cannot do something quite the same you can at least get some inspiration from the setting of it. So today we’re going to salute some decorators who went the extra mile to make something really impressive.

The first thing you notice after the fact that you are underwater is the coherent theme. Everything is set up to make it look like you are sitting on or around aquatic life. Even the lamps have patterns like you would see on some bio-luminescent jellyfish. Even if you aren’t doing something so amazing and out of hand you can still bring a coherent theme to any setting.

By definition though they can’t really have any outdoor furniture you can sit on. It’d be just a bit too dangerous. But what is so curious about this is you are surrounded on all sides by some very deep water. It gives you the feeling of being in the water without actually being in there. This is a modern idea that many designers have attempted to create: the feeling of being outside when you are actually inside. While they don’t have any underwater Patio Furniture it can feel like they do.

This is after all a bar/restaurant so how do they handle drinks? They have a variety of vintages and a few with some aquatic sounding names as well to complete the theme. Just having all that water around you can make some people want to get a drink. They have what could be seen as an excellent traditional bar with vintages of excellent quality.

While there is certainly a sea theme there is also a surreal aspect to the restaurant furniture they have there. Patterns on chairs and floors bring your mind to the sea life which you would normally only expect to see while scuba diving. On some level the structure looks like some sort of giant, living jellyfish which lends it an aura of fantasy. Creating a fantasy is something that all of us should try to do when decorating. Make people feel like they are in some area which is far beyond their everyday life.

Another reason why it is so amazing is that when you think of Israel you normally think of the desert. But those in the country have made incredible steps towards having an aquatic setting for much of their country. They even have massive vineyards that people have replanted in order to increase their domestic product. If you can create a truly unusual setting for your home or business that also flies in the face of the surrounding area then you have done something really amazing. Think about that next time you decide to start an incredible project that will wow those you care about. This goes double for any business that wants to prosper.

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