Scraping the Weird Edge of Style with Modern Toilet Taiwan

Modern Toilet Bowl of FoodWhen you think of fine dining you don’t usually think of a bathroom. However one restaurant in Taiwan is pushing the boundaries of what you think and good taste. From their inner setting to outdoor furniture everything there is inspired by toilets. Yes, toilets. We were as confused as you probably are. There are quite a few things to learn from this though because despite the strange style people still seem to really enjoy it there. Go figure.

Probably the biggest reason this works for the Taiwanese natives is the fact that they love wacky humor. A lot of people in that region enjoy humor that is beyond the boundaries. Both of things that make sense and sometimes good taste. So they go there not only to get some food but also to amuse themselves that they are eating in such a strange place. You might even find a Fire Pit Table there in the humorous style in good weather.

One lesson we want to take from this on outdoor restaurant furniture and other settings is that when you do something, do it all the way. It’s often better to go over-the-top with a design than to be mediocre. They completely did with this place because you sit on closed toilets and eat out of miniature toilets. While it’s a bit confusing for us it really works for them.

What is perhaps most interesting is that they are not a single site. They have spread out all over Taiwan to multiple locations. They originally started as an ice cream parlor that served chocolate in small toilet bowls. Yeah, we’re not making this up. Take a look for yourself if this sounds like some sort of joke. People really loved it for some reason and they were so successful that they are still growing today.

Another lesson to take is even if something is outlandish and confusing it can still be appealing. There is a certain charm to going to a place that made you feel weird. People like to tell their friends about the “crazy weird place” they went to recently. While this one may stand out in the minds of many people it’s far from the only strange place to gain this appeal.

So will this work for you in your own business or home? Maybe a toilet design would not but a similarly strange and confusing setup might work. However you need to tally how people feel about things like that. Ask them what would work for them and what would not. The last thing you want to do is to offend someone because they did not like or get the joke. It does feel great when someone gets it and enjoys it.

You might also get some media attention if your outdoor furniture is particularly weird. This might be positive or negative depending on where you live so keep that in mind. Of course some people claim that free publicity can never be bad. Just make sure that you do not have to pay for it in the long run. No one wants a lawsuit.


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