Dark vs Light Color Style

Dark and Light Outdoor SeatingHeating and cooling considerations are always important when choosing any piece of outdoor furniture. No one wants to sit down on a piece which is freezing cold or blazing hot. You need to find a comfortable medium so that everyone can relax without burning up or freezing. To help you find that perfect selection we’re going to tell you some simple things about climate and materials. It should help broaden your understanding of what to choose in these areas.

The first thing to consider is how readily your pieces soak up the ambient temperature. Do you have a cushion which drinks in the cold or a metal chair which sucks in heat? In either case these can be a liability and you may have to move them around. Ask your guests about how they are before you decide though. They will usually be willing to tell you just how comfortable they are.

Color is the first thing to consider when choosing outdoor furniture. Go with lighter colors which reflect light if you are in a hot area. This will allow your furniture to stay cooler as it’s redirected into trees and other items. If you are in a cold area go with darker colors so that they can drink in the thermal energy of the sun and heat up just a bit. However this may not be the perfect solution if you are in an incredibly cold area.

The material itself is also a big consideration with the temperature of your outdoor furniture. Simply switching a fabric or metal can make a difference. Even changing cushions to a different type depending on the weather can be quite important.

If you decide to go with lighter colors make sure that you realize these stain more easily than darker ones. If someone spills a drink you may need to clean it quickly so that it does not cause problems later on with the overall décor. That is the only real downside to such a thing.

These rules apply not only to your outdoor pieces but to your patio as well. Both the flooring and walls should be painted to either absorb or reflect heat depending on how hot or cool it is where you live. This can easily be done with a weekend and some effort. Doing that can even help you save on your heating and cooling bills for your home in general. Overall it’s fairly useful all around.

You cannot prepare for everything though. There will be heat and cold waves. Extreme weather will pop up here and there. In those cases you may want to have a shelter or overhang so you can still have a bit of fun even when things get really ugly with the weather. It’s the only way to fully protect yourself from any unexpected problems other than just staying inside. Who wants to do that when even extreme weather conditions can be quite beautiful. Enjoy the amazing world for yourself in your own home.


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