Lessons from the Broome Hotel

Broome Hotel Furniture ExampleThe Broome Hotel has a very interesting approach to decorating both indoors and with outdoor furniture. We’ll be going over the key point that they focus on for you a bit later and discuss why you might want the same approach for your own business. They’re getting huge press from names such as the New York times for their approach so you may want to take a look at it yourself if you need a bit of extra buzz to put you over the top in the industry.

So what is the big secret that is garnering them attention? All of their pieces are bought locally to help the nearby economy. Each piece is form a vender that likely now has a special loyalty to the setting. As such many media outlets caught on to this and have posted stories about it. The interesting thing is that pretty much anyone can do this.

Even their outdoor bar stools (although to be fair those are used more indoors) are handcrafted from nearby vendors. Every piece which they use has something from a nearby store. This is of course not too hard to do when you are in New York and you can run into a stylish vendor by walking a few feet.

It may be a bit harder to do this in your own local area if you are not in such a big city. That is what makes it so useful though because it is just as hard for your competitors to do the same. If you can get your furniture locally and alert the media that you do so then you may have some interesting promotion on your hands.

Even their outdoor patio furniture is bought locally so that guests can sun themselves on pieces that they may have seen in nearby stores. Another added benefit is that their settings all fit the local style that is current at the time. They don’t have to worry if any of their pieces are out of line with the fashion because they’re certainly modern.

All of this can look even better if your home or place of business is authentically from an earlier era of the city. That’s another advantage that the Broome has as it’s in a building from around 1825. It all has a very classic New York look to it. If you can create an equally classic look for your city then you can very easily charm the locals.

It’s up to you whether to go with this or a different style. They have a more classic style for many of their pieces but it’s accentuated by a modern penthouse for a great blend. If you run a restaurant or hotel then you may want to create your own setting that is quite similar.

Before you decide how to set up your outdoor furniture you should take in the local flavor and find out how your city “feels”. This should give you the perfect idea of who to buy from and what pieces to buy.



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