The Stone Soup Style

Outdoor Stone Fire PitStone furniture has often been an extremely stylish addition for the wealthy. We’re terming the new generation of this the “Stone Soup” style of outdoor furniture. Why? Because things have changed quite a lot in this particular area and it’s a catchy title. Either of these reasons works for us. So let us explore a very classic genre of furniture that has seen a major transformation lately. It’s always amazing what you can do with the classics when you have new advancements.

Before understanding how far we have advanced you should probably understand how we do the carving. We have incredibly high-powered hand tools and even diamond drills which allow sculptors to do things that their ancient counterparts would need years and years to do. We also have ways to melt certain stone down and ways to cut it with incredibly high-pressure water streams. These are all the ways in which we can carve out a niche in a fraction of time we normally could.

So what does this mean for your own stone-based outdoor furniture? You can make it of nearly any type of stone. There are even full jade pieces for those who can afford to spend quite a bit of money on a more expensive form of stone. You can get tables, chairs and much more in this style and get it in any way you want. There is no limit. Many of them may have natural colors that already fit with your setting. Even some Fire Pit Tables are made this way.

Comfort with your outdoor furniture is still a bit deal. Support for the back and legs are also big concerns with any piece as well. The support of course isn’t the problem but you may have to get some cushioning custom fit to what you need. There are also certain materials which are naturally cool and somewhat comfortable so you may go with those for a smaller bench or item like that.

The downside to these is that even the most resilient piece can slowly weather over time and repairs can be difficult. It is unlikely that most of us have extensive skills with sculpting stone. It is not actually a very common skill in the modern day. You may have to pay a premium for someone to fix it. On the other hand some natural build-up with moss can actually give a comfortable covering and make your guests feel like they are at one with nature. It’s perfect for any garden setting.

Insects and rodents can crawl into spaces though so you should be careful if you have any chinks in an old piece. It can cause some real problems if they get in there and get to work on it.

So which piece of stone outdoor furniture fits best for you? Only you would know that since we cannot see what setting you already have. Maybe even a fountain would work well to give it a classy setting. No matter what you need or want you have some form or another to get it in.


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