The Style of Southwest Living

Southwest Style CabinetThe Southwest style of decorating has a singular charm to it you will not find anywhere else. Taking from aspects of both North and South American culture has given them a rustic yet diverse and complicated style. No matter where you are on earth there is probably something you can learn from this style as well. Hopefully by the end of the article you will have your own understanding of why a setup like this is so charming to the average American.

The Southwest American style of decorating has been around as long as we have been fully settled in the country. It comes from the Native American ideas which were blended into some Mexican settings as well. As such it has some very colorful and diverse patterns often depicting figures or celebrations. Bright colors are often a distinct part of it, punctuated by more subtle browns and reds to make the vibrant colors stand out better.

Lighting in this style is an important part too. There are many different manufacturers who make lamps with Mexican or Native American designs. In some other settings this might stand out and not work but here it should work perfectly. When people walk into an area like this they want to believe they have moved into a different culture. Alternatively they want to be reminded of the culture of their ancestors but either way works really. Outdoor furniture follows the same rules.

Theming your food is important as well. A Tex-mex style will go a long way to making sure your party guests have a good time. Nachos and tortillas can both work. Have some dip in order to make sure everything gets the savor it needs.

Pottery is another vitally important section you must consider with the southwestern theme. Those who originally created the style would have seen this as very important themselves. So make sure you have some elegantly created pieces of outdoor furniture which incorporate this style.

Hardwoods are very popular with this style as well. Except for sculpted pieces you can choose a variety to fit in the style very easily. Just make sure that it is very resilient so that it can stand out to the same weather your other sets do. No one wants to have a vital piece ruined.

As we mentioned before the Mexican style is also deeply entwined with this. You may want to go with a Western/Mexican theme for one of your parties. If your friends are into a sillier atmosphere you may even want them to dress up for it and do some dancing.

There are also many style of traditional wicker outside furniture that go well with this style. In fact you wouldn’t even have to change anything about the pieces themselves either. This could save you some time if you are in a rush or pressed for time.

Be sure to add your own flair to these outdoor furniture pieces as well. Having a style is all well and good but anyone can do that. Add a bit of your own taste to make it special.



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