The Celebrity Furniture Trend

Enjoying Celebrity FurnitureCelebrity furniture and art are not something new to most of us. They have been around for generations in one form or another. However lately we’ve seen an increase in just how many celebrities are doing it. From an outdoor furniture piece from Martha Steward you had come to expect to weird lines from former singer Donny Osmond it seems that everyone wants a piece of this particular trend.

This type of furniture varies among all shapes, sizes and celebrity types. We’re going to talk a little about each one but first, why do we buy it? The simple reason is that many of us worship these people and want to be a little closer to them. We want to be more like them in any way that we possibly can. We want to live in the same way as them so that we can capture a bit of what makes them special. Among all that we rarely think about why, but that is the reason why.

The traditional way in which celebrity outdoor furniture is developed is the celebrity designer. These are the people who are the elite in a country or even in several. You know, Layla Grace and other big names that come from designers themselves. This original method worked on a logical level. The theory was that if they are famous for how good they are at designing pieces then having similar ones will probably look great. It does make some sense. It’s also very popular with restaurant patio furniture buyers.

Today we are also having singer, actors and other entertainers with their names on pieces. There is little logic to be had here as for the most part they should have no reason to be able to design pieces which look great. It does not make sense on a logical level. However their celebrity name carries them further than you might expect in this case.

When dealing with any piece of outdoor furniture like this you should keep in mind that the name adds quite a bit of money on to it. Whether the pieces are good or have been made in shoddy workshops is something you need to figure out for yourself. Many celebrities have been accused of being involved in sweatshop labor among other things. Do your homework on that part.

So is this a really good thing for the furniture industry in the end? We cannot really tell you. Perhaps it is just a thing and it depends on the celebrity along with the manufacturer. You can find pieces that are both of incredibly high quality and of terrible quality depending on who you are buying from.

The final thing to realize is that you should not just let a name sell you on a product. Check the craftsmanship in order to make sure everything holds up. Otherwise you are just paying for a name which is going to fall apart before very long anyway. Unfortunately situations like that come up all the time when you are buying things like this. Protect yourself.



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