Shabby Chic Style for the Outdoors

Shabby Chic Outdoor TableThe “Shabby Chic” style came along a bit ago and created an entirely new market for certain types of outdoor furniture and indoor decorating. Today we are going to take a look at the style and describe why it may work for you. If you have not heard of it you may find that some of the pieces you own would already fit with the setting as they currently are. Probably the most amusing part of this trend is that you do not need to maintain the pieces terribly well.

“Shabby Chic” is used most often in interior design. The furniture and furnishings are picked out to show wear and age. The idea is to make everything look slightly worn and used in order to create an effect. That effect is to create a feeling that someone lives here and uses the items regularly. You want to make your guests feel comfortable in the setting so they can be at peace and enjoy themselves.

Amusingly enough one of the easiest ways to create this style with outdoor furniture is to leave it to wear at times. You should of course still clean it a bit in order to make sure everything stays mold free. However the natural wear from day to day can create the actual look that you are going for in very short order.

Not everyone will appreciate the style of course. If you have friends who only want the latest in trends and fashion then this is probably not the best choice to show them. They would probably see your intentional wear as a sign that you do not care for your pieces. However if you just enjoy throwing casual parties and such then this is probably a great choice for you on the whole.

This style originally started in Great Britain where the style naturally formed in some homes. People did not want to get rid of some of their old furniture that they had used for so long and treated with care. Of course everything wears down eventually. This origination in Europe meant that it spread in popularity quite a bit in areas there.

If you decide to go with this style you will probably want to use it all throughout your home so that people understand what is going on. You may even have to explain to them what is happening. Of course if you do it outside and some neighbors do not understand you could get in trouble with a homeowners association. At the very least it could lead to some hurtful gossip.

A big point of using this style of outdoor furniture is to stand out. It goes against the common sense of decorating but that may be a plus for the setup. Going for a grand style is what originally created this setup and the same principles hold true today. In this case it is quite important to go big and go home with your new but worn pieces for you setting.


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