The “Cowboy” Bar Style

Cowboy BarWhen most of us think about the “Cowboy” bar you don’t always think of outdoor furniture. However this style can give an interesting theme to any boring setup you might have in a home or business. Even more so if it stands out from the nearby decorating area. There are many different types we are going to go over in order to give you a few ideas. You should choose the one that fits best from there. It may seem a bit corny to you at first but sometimes that works.

Each cowboy bar comes with a different style. Some are upper-class where well-to-do people who are a bit older and more southern than the norm go to relax with some soft drinks and light dancing. Others are raucous dance clubs with mechanical bulls and the like. What do they all have in common? An exciting style and are of life about them that makes them so appealing. People go to them to have fun and get excited, not usually to just drink troubles away.

Could your establishment benefit from some of the “Cowboy” style with your outdoor furniture or indoor décor? In some cases you can. If you live in an area where the style would fit it’s a good choice and surprisingly it can work in other places as well if you go truly over-the-top with your setting. People love a good theme and it excites them.

Live music is one thing that many of these places share as well. You can bring the same to your own patio establishment in order to create that same level of excitement. If you can afford a small stage to perform on then all the better. Many small acts are willing to showcase their talent for people.

Of course if you go this route with a business your workers will have to decorate the outdoor furniture with wooden seats and dress the part as well. Ask them if they are alright with that. It may not work for everyone but can really make people take notice if you decide to go with it.

For those who really want to go crazy with the setting take a look at the Diamond Belle Saloon. It is an area that always has dinner with a show. Amusingly enough it is housed in a beautiful and old building that looks very little like a saloon. They have ragtime piano and full costumes for a variety of performers. If you are able to do something similar with your own business you could have your place become a new hotspot in town.

But what about those who just want to give some rustic charm to their outdoor furniture at home? You can use wood pieces regardless but a western theme party might work for you. Have people bring their boots and ten gallon hat for some music and maybe a bit of dancing. It’s a great way to get your neighborhood in a fun mood for a party.


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