What is an “Ice Bar”?

Extravagant Ice BarWhile not something normal or practical an ice bar is just how it sounds. A bar either made out of or massively furnished with ice. The most common form is one that is filled to the brim with ice sculptures, so many that even some of the seating and tables are sculptures you can actually use. Is this something everyone is going to be able to have in their backyard? Probably not but top class restaurant proprietors may want to consider it. Those who throw especially wealthy parties may also be interested. At the very least it can give you some interesting design ideas.

The most extreme examples of this have nearly everything made of ice. Only a small framework of other construction materials is a part of the setting as well. There are now hundreds of these in the most affluent parts of the world now that we have become so adept at sculpting and moving ice.

The downside to this of course is that everything is very cold in such a setting. Those who use this for outdoor furniture or bar furnishings have to go to extraordinary lengths to keep the pieces cold in many cases. Except in incredibly cold areas where they could sustain themselves in the ambient temperatures. However those are not the areas in which places like this are the most abundant. Why? Because there is a magic of a sort to keeping these cold in areas where they should be melting very quickly. In fact the most popular ones are kept at around -5C no matter what the temperature is outside. It can make for some amazing outside restaurant furniture.

So how would you go about setting one of these up in order to get some very unusual outdoor and indoor furniture? The first step is to actually construct some sort of structure that can supercool a very large area. While we have many ways of doing this the amount of cold you need will likely be very expensive, making it unsuitable for all but the wealthiest designers.

The next step is to create a way to contain all of this ice. It could be anything from a massive building structure to an outdoor scaffolding that conducts cold temperatures very well. The pieces have to be able to stay cold for quite a long time in order to keep everything in order.

If you run a business this can be an incredibly attractive and very expensive way to handle your indoor and outdoor bar furniture. You may want to get some insurance for rowdy patrons if at all possible. For example the Escobar ice bar had a rowdy bar visitor damage their back sculpture. He then owed about $1,000 to fix it and did not want to pay. It’s a tough situation but you will have to deal with it if you go with this decoration. Of course along with the risk comes the reward because you can charge huge fees just to enter, so keep that in mind when deciding on your setting.



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