Understanding Zoning for your Outdoor Bar

Georgia Zoning MapZoning is something that can really trip you up when decorating your outdoor bar furniture. It can be a problem both for those in the home and those running their own business. You need to understand what you can and cannot do in cases like this. There are guidelines to follow in every industrialized country about this. They vary from place to place and we cannot cover them all but we want to give you some idea of how you should handle everything at your own events.

First you have to understand what zoning is in order to understand how it works. It was originally intended to keep establishments away from others because things could be problematic here. For example having a bar across from a High School causes tremendous problems. Having a high-traffic establishment right next to a fire station is another problem because you need to have those emergency vehicles getting out. In the modern day laws have gotten too complicated. It serves the original purpose but is also sometimes used in order to draw additional tax revenue from people.

If you are a private owner zoning should not be much of a problem nor should it dictate outdoor bar furniture choices. In most cases you will simply be having a few friends over for a fun time. Your local government should not care, nor should they have any reason to. However if you are someone that throws huge parties it could become a problem. Both making too much noise and serving too many drinks can get you in trouble with the zoning board. In a worst case scenario you could be reclassified as a business and have huge fines. It can even have an effect on your outside lounge furniture.

Actual restaurant owners have a harder time with their outdoor bar furniture. You have to choose a setting that is allowed to serve alcohol and get significant licenses. This leads to huge fees and in some areas of the world you can be affirmed or denied this by the opinion of a city official. If someone simply does not like you there or they like someone giving them money more then you could have some serious problems.

As with so many other things in life the first and easiest solution is to do your research. Have other people in your area have problems with zoning? Or is it a part of the city that actually wants what you are serving up? Ask all these questions in order to get to the real facts. It is much easier to do it this way than to fix everything after it is too late.

In extreme cases some businesses have actually had their land demolished by the city for being a nuisance. That is the absolute worst case scenario and it insures that you have some much bigger worries than simply choosing your outdoor furniture. You want to avoid that at all costs so treat your local officials well and do your homework on what your area is like. A move may be the better long-run choice.


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