Designer Outdoor Beverage Dispensers

Spiral Wine HolderAs everyone knows it isn’t just the outdoor furniture you pick that matters. What is a big trend recently? Designer beverage dispensers. From water containers with fruit designs to wine servers with an elegant shape these are one of the major things the wealthy are buying. Of course the idea is nothing new, it is however quite important in the modern design scheme of things though.

These come in all shapes and sizes. From small ultra-modern containers to those that look like they could be classical sculptures you can find them in any style you could possibly want.

Some even turn to Do-It-Yourself projects in order to create their own pieces. There are ways to create these with mixtures of metal, wood and even sometimes stonework. Of course you have to have the skills needed to shape these in order for them to work. It is easy to make them look tacky if you are not careful or skilled.

The most expensive and impressive containers to put on your outdoor furniture can run you hundreds of dollars. These are things such as climate-controlled wine containers that let you chill or warm one to the perfect amount that could ever want. Each one is often highly durable and works well with any setting. However they may be a bit much for most people and unsuitable for a casual gathering. They scream at your guests that you are trying too hard to be liked, to be impressive for them. To some it will even say “look at how much money I have, LOOK!” Not something you always want.

So what if you want a more casual gathering? You have everything from special cozies to coolers for your drinks for that. The only downsides to this are that they may not go with a high-fashion style and can sometimes link on your other pieces of outdoor furniture. Even with the most expensive piece a bad spill can damage some of your other items. Hopefully you have some resilient pieces that are ready for accidents like that.

These pieces of course vary in quality just like outdoor furniture. You will find some cheap jugs at pottery barn and pay a bit too much at World Market for a few. The best thing you can do is try to pick up some different ones while you are on vacation. Nothing beats having a story to go with a piece that you picked up. It is fun and functional for you. This is even more important for restaurant patio furniture as you need to impress guests.

Even with all the new styles of funnels, weird craftsmanship and much more the normal container with a spigot on the bottom will always be popular. Some people even take it a step further and have a tap outside or at least something that looks like one. There is no wrong way to bring your drinks out to people as long as you do it in a way that they will enjoy. Talk with your guests and see what they want in order to get the best idea.


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