The 2014 Monochrome Trend

Monochrome Outdoor SettingOne trend that never went away but is seeing a resurgence in 2014 is monochrome furniture. 2013 was the year of the quilts but this year is back to basics for many people. While it is nothing new it is a huge part of decorating already. So will one color work for your setting? We think it might depending on how you handle it. There are many ways to use this particular style to your own advantage.

The very fact that monochrome has been used so much in the past gives it a classic air. In some cases it is romantic as well because it takes you back to the days when this style was used the most in European classic books along with movies.

Of course pastels are still a big part of the outdoor furniture scene right now. We think it will slowly change as the years go by though. Do not worry about changing everything in your outdoor furniture setup. If you do that too often then you will drive yourself crazy.

One huge modern trend is the monochrome statue. These could be anything from dogs to hands that hold up other pieces. These often have rounded edges which also meets up with the modern style. These go for hundreds of dollars from top designers.

The big city look for outdoor patio furniture is also very important. Styles of both are very important in either case. This can be anything from a cool patio setting to a tray to bring your drinks out on. The metropolitan style was big and now is even bigger.

The salvage furniture with monochromatic style is also becoming really big. Many designers are going with this for their new lines. Both of these have seen an upswing recently so you may want to get some pieces like this if you have the money for them. It combines two of the 2014 styles into one excellent package. You really cannot beat something like that.

Of course you have to decide whether it goes with your current outdoor room. It can go with single colors or patterns as long as the two accentuate each other. There are many ways to do this but at base you should simply follow the normal rules of matching colors, lights with lights and darks with tables among other things. If you are into design then you probably already understand what we are talking about here.

Another popular trend is the fluid look of sculpting. What is this? When parts of the furniture look like they are melting or are composed of liquid themselves. This trend came from the modern smooth edge appeal of much of the modern furniture. It looks hyper modern even today because it needs an advanced method of sculpting for it to look good. However it may look a bit stuck up if you have a more down to earth approach to your decorating. Take a look at each of these tips and figure out what works best for your home.



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