Restyled Winery Furniture

Recycled Winery Furniture One new trend is creating fashionable and environmentally conscious pieces from the discarded inner workings of wineries. When you think about it such a setup would naturally have a lot of material for outdoor furniture. Many of the items in such an establishment have quite a bit both metal and wood that everyone can draw materials from. While you may not always buy pieces like this it should at least give you some sort of idea for your own style.

Many different suppliers are offering this style. One of them is Whit McLeod who takes the raw materials from former factories and other establishments and repurposes them to fit in stylish décor. They break down the wood and metal into component parts then use heavy wood and steel working machinery in order to cut, bend and break pieces into new forms. They then sand, smooth and otherwise refine each piece into a version that looks much better.

So why is this so stylish when picking outdoor furniture? Because style is in the eye of the beholder and a great many people believe that upcycled furniture is “cool” and “works” for them. Since the people have spoken and this is what they want it can often be the height of style.

The other advantage of these upcycled tables, chairs, etc. is that it helps cut down on waste and save the environment for other people. It just so happens that is another very “in” thing that people like. So you have the best of both worlds in this case.

You can also shape these new pieces into whatever outdoor furniture you want. Much of it is highly durable as it was taken from former storage and shipping items. The rest was taken from manufacturing devices themselves and those are built to last.

What specific pieces do they use? Some of them are century-old redwood wine casks. Many of the storage cases naturally have style as they are sometimes shown or sent to clients in the original storage. Therefore only high-quality pieces are used by the top suppliers, which leads to a rich well of resources for those who are recycling each piece.

You will end up paying more if you buy them from an outside source than if you did the work yourself. However due to the fact that the work is time consuming and you probably do not have the equipment for it you might be better off having someone sell you it. There are many people and companies offering pieces like this at various prices throughout the market.

Wine barrels themselves are sometimes used. These are somewhere between tacky and interesting. We are not sure which side they lie on. However if you are looking for a look that is a bit more wacky and noteworthy then this might be perfect for you. One amusing setup is to have a shelf in the barrel itself or storing your drinks. It can be a great diversion during your next party. Take a look at some pieces like this yourself and see what you think.


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